About Me
I am a Certified Gemologist and a Specialist Diamond Grader from IGI (Interantional Gemological Institute - Mumbai). I have gained extensive experience in the field, working for reputed manufacturers and jewellery exporters like Sun jewels and Bhramars. I have worked in manufacturing and quality control departments of these companies, often leading teams of more than 50 workers in a male dominated industry. Being extremely passionate about my work, I started my own venture in 2011, Bhide Enterprises and have two brands to represent our diamond jewellery (Parishkar Diamonds) and semiprecious stones and 925 sterling silver jewellery (Niyora) product lines. We live in the world of customization. Every product or service should cater to customers as individuals and not make customers conform to the industrial age idea of mass production. Jewellery is one product which represents your individuality as a person the most. I have started this venture with the sole motto of delivering quality products which celebrate your individuality. Sincerely hoping to get to know you better.

Parishkar Diamonds was founded to help our customers make better decisions while purchasing diamond and gemstone jewellery. We offer a wide range of jewellery designs that our customers can choose from, or come up with design modifications to designs as per their liking. And yes, we provide the jewellery certified by leading institutes like IGI or HKD, at a market beating price. We also make gemstone jewellery made from all the jewels comprising the NAVARATNA..

Each gemstone blends perfectly with the design making every jewellery a masterpiece, with excellence embedded in our product quality and service we promise true customer delight.

Experience wide range of designs for every occasion. At Parishkar, every woman would find something to cherish, masterly cut diamonds or an exclusive variety of precious and semiprecious gemstones await to dazzle you and your fortune.

Our Jewellery comes with Certificates from leading jewellery grading institutes like IGI and HKD. These certificates bear the grades for four C’s of diamond, Clarity, Color, Cut & Carat and testify the quality of your purchase.

Bhide Enterprises was incorporated out of our apartment in 2011 as a jewellery company by Sayali Bhide. Our first brand, Parishkar Diamonds (www.parishkardiamonds.com), was then established to provide our customers with made to order diamond and precious stone jewellery.

We worked tirelessly to provide our customers with the perfect diamond jewellery design for 7 years. Through our Niyora brand, established in 2017, we bring to you our creative collection in semi-precious stone and sterling silver jewellery. Niyora, an Assamese word, means a dew drop. An apt name for our jewellery masterpieces which enhance your sparkle and radiance like that of the morning dew. Each type of natural semi-precious gemstone sparkles with a different coloured radiance at different angles and in different backgrounds.

Niyora sits right between imitation jewellery and diamond/precious stone jewellery, allowing it to be light on your pocket but definitely not light on your prestige

From imagination to reality, only 10 days

Our expert designers work with you to create a design refrecting your persona. Our customers occasionally bring their designs or ideas on paper and our designers help fine tune the idea considering factors like size, type of gemstones & metals and price. Once the designs is confirmed we promise delivery within 10 days. This is how ideas are being transfomed into reality.

For us, each customer is unique, who has unique ideas and unique needs. We understand that buying a piece of jewellery is always so personal. Many times buying jewellery off the shelf leaves us with thoughts like, I wish to have this pendant, but without that gaudy looking flower or I wish to get this necklace, but with smaller diamonds to fit my budget.

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